Robert Sharl: Profile

I’m currently a Lecturer at Birmingham City University within the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, and the founder of Futurilla, a network for new ideas around technology, community, design and education.

My main blog for ideas is Usergland and my photos are on Flickr . My feed is at . Page updates are tagged page-updated .

A short biography for publication is available for download.

Recent Papers & Conferences

  • Ultraparallelism: Birmingham 2004, Gregory Sporton & Robert Sharl
  • Transformative Technology: Cybercultures, Prague 2005, Robert Sharl & Mike Priddy (Conference & E-Book)
  • Transformative Technology (Expanded Print Chapter), 2006, Robert Sharl & Mike Priddy
  • Identity 3.0: Composite Entities in the Emerging Metaverse, 4th Annual League of Worlds Colloquium, Karlskrona Sweden 2007, Robert Sharl & Michael Priddy (Conference Presentation)
  • Art in Bits: The Cult and Culture of the Digital Image, Third International Conference on The Arts In Society, Birmingham UK 2008, Robert Sharl (Paper Presentation, July 2008)

Selected Experience

In Progress

Internet, Software, Design:
  • Futurilla founder
  • ceo
  • Metapod Project Lighthouse Wolverhampton Chief Technical Officer
  • Darian Technologies Ltd Human Interface and Multimedia Designer
  • Insatiable Founding Partner
Teaching, Course Design & Management:
  • Animation/Animation for Games Design BA(Hons), Birmingham City University
  • Visual Communication BA(Hons), Birmingham City University
  • Visual Communication MA Birmingham City University
  • Theatre, Performance & Event BA (Hons), Birmingham City University
  • Visual Communication, SUIC, Bangkok
  • Multimedia Design, Silpakorn University of Arts, Bangkok
  • Moving Image/Graphic Communication, IVE, Hong Kong
  • Multimedia Art BA, Lasalle SIA, Singapore
  • Performance Design BA(Hons), UCE Birmingham
  • Electronic & Electrical Engineering (Design Module), University of Birmingham

Recent Lectures/Talks/Media

2005: December: Transformative Technology & Remix Culture on Web 2.0. Canterbury & Christchurch University, UK.

2006: March: Futurilla I. Web 2.0 & the New Frontier of Experience Design & Futurilla II. Digital Creativity, Learning & The Coming Singularity. MA Lecture series, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, UK.

2006: November: Digital Tools/Digital Spaces Visualisation Research Unit eScience for the Visual Arts lecture series. Ikon Gallery, Birmingham UK.

2007: June: Giraffe 1 – Tutorial Techniques Workshop BIAD’s Learning Teaching and Assessment Annual Workshop and Conference. School of Art, Margaret Street, Birmingham UK.

2007: November: Expert Facilitator for New Technology and Music Sessions Second Gigbeth Conference, Birmingham UK.

Projects/Consultancy/External Work 2 Mar 2007

2007: February: Literature, Culture & Digital Media Archive. Consultancy and Guest Lecture on the use of Web 2.0 services to establish the Archive. Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden.

2007: March: Digital Media BA (Hons) Programme Revalidation. External Examiner for Revalidation Panel, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.

2007: July: Creative Visual Media BA (Hons) New Programme Validation. External Examiner for Validation Panel, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.

2007: July: Digital Central Online Music Innovation Fund. Consultancy, applicant interviews and mentoring for successful music industry applicants to the fund.